What are smart meters?

Gas and electricity prices can be confusing for most people as unrealistic estimates and rough bills will often see consumers paying out more for their energy than they actually owe. Thankfully home owners' frustrations with this system have finally been recognised and recently many companies have been implementing new technologies to try and combat the problem of unreliable and estimated bills. The most successful of these new technologies has to be the smart meter.

In basic terms a smart meter is a device that will track the amount of electricity you use and record when and how you use it. This information is then stored and processed by your electricity company to determine your exact usage, and therefore your exact bill. The great thing about a smart meter is that your energy provider can send and receive the information directly to and from your meter so there is no need for you to deliver any information by phone or via annoying visits from a maintenance worker.

Apart from saving you the inconvenience of tracking your own energy usage, smart meters can also give consumers the peace of mind that they are being charged the correct amount of money for their monthly usage. Thankfully these meters completely discount the need for unreliable estimates which means you will be billed for the exact amount of electricity you use every month. Smart meters can also be used to check your gas usage giving you all round peace of mind that your bills correspond directly with the amount of energy you are using on any given day.

The great thing about these meters for consumers is that it gives you the ability to track your own usage, which can be very useful when you implement any energy saving equipment within your home. Using this system will show you the exact amount of money you are saving each month and can help you work out the best ways to use your gas and electricity whilst helping the environment.

The use of estimated readings can sometimes leave us feeling like we are paying over the odds on our bills so the new smart metering system is guaranteed to make us feel a lot better about these charges. The way forward for our gas and electricity comes hand in hand with smart metering as using new technologies and ideas mean we, the consumer, will be able to track our own savings giving us greater control over our money and the way we use our energy.

This new technology is great news for energy bills and will help consumers everywhere feel better about their energy costs whilst giving people confidence in the reliability of our energy services.


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