American Water Heater Buying Guide

Water heating is a typical domestic necessity. It is commonly used for cleaning, space heating and bathing. When choosing a heater, select a water heating system that is energy sufficient and will not only provide adequate hot water but will also save you money.

There are different manufacturers that offer different types, sizes, and fuel source of water heater for your homes. One such manufacturer is the American Water Heaters. American Water Heaters offers a comprehensive line of high-quality heater products for residential and commercial use.

Before purchasing from American Water Heaters it is good to be informed first of the products it offers. Knowing that firsthand will help you select the best option ideal for your home use.

American Water Heaters Products

*Storage Tanks. Also known as a conventional storage water heater, it consists of a cylinder or container in which water is kept hot and ready for use continuously. American Water Heater offers three capacity storage tanks that range from 80, 120 to 175 gallons of water.

*Tankless heaters. This type of heater instantly heats water as it flows through copper coils installed within it. American Water Heater has different types of tankless heaters with features like, continuous maximum flow rate, available in natural gas or propane (LP), complies with Lead Plumbing Law and others.

*Pump tanks. American Water Heaters offers smooth, dependable diaphragm design and operation for pump tanks that provides accurate control of system operation cycles.

*Expansion tanks. Expansion tanks are to deliver a place for expanding water to do to during cycles of thermal expansion, removing the risk of damage to the heater's boiler and piping system. American Water Heaters has two types of expansion tanks, Hydronic and Potable.

*Residential High Efficiency. Saving money on utility bills and being environmentally conscious is but two considerations in buying water heaters. American Water Heaters gives exact solutions for that. Their residential high efficiency heater products are: High Efficiency Gas, High Efficiency Power Direct Vent, High Efficiency Power Vent, Hybrid, Electric Heat Pump, Hybrid Gas, Solar Direct Booster Tank, Solar Packaged Systems, Solar Pump Stations, and Solar Thermal Collectors.

*Residential Electric. These are water heaters in homes that use electricity as its power source. Products of American Water Heaters for this are: High Efficiency Residential Electric, LowBoy, Manufactured Home, Standard, Tabletop, Tiny Titan and Utility.

*Residential Gas. The use of gas instead of electricity to heat water can help reduce greenhouse emissions and may lower water heating costs. Direct Vent, Flame Guard, Manufactured Home Atmospheric, Manufactured Home Sealed Combustion, American Polaris High-Efficiency Residential Gas, Power Direct Vent, Power Vent, power vent FVIR Compliant, Power Vent High EF, Standard, Ultra High Recovery, Ultra Low Nox, Ultra Low Nox 2" Insulation, Ultra Low Nox Power Vent, Ultra Low Nox High Input, and Ultra Low Nox High Recovery are American Water Heaters list of products for residential gas.

*Commercial Electric. These are electric-powered water heaters for commercial usage. American Water Heaters list of products for this are: Heavy-duty Immersion Thermostat, Heavy-duty Surface Thermostat, LowBoy, Standard and Utility.

*Commercial Gas. Gas is the fuel source for this type of water heater and is more efficient to use than electric-powered because of higher energy saving rating. American Water Heaters list of products for this are: HCG Series, Heavy-duty Gas BCG3, Low Nox Heavy-Duty Gas, Polaris High Efficiency, Powerflex Power Vent, Solar Gas Backup, Standard Non-Dampered, Ultra Low NOx, and Ultra Low NOx Heavy-Duty Gas.


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